Thursday, May 01, 2008

Official TMNT site spots and the offical announcment from Heavy Metal about Eastman & Biz's final Turtle Masterpeice .::

I thought I'd spread the word that the TMNT "Bodycount" mini-series is back! I just saw an ad in this month's HEAVY METAL magazine (from owner Kevin Eastman), and they are now selling a new edition of the collected "Bodycount" mini-series from Image Comics, where Raphael and Casey Jones find themselves in the middle of a vicious gang war.

Cover price is $16.95 for this 100-page action adventure showcasing the talents of Kevin Eastman and Simon Bisley. As many people already know, this series is extremely violent and is intended only for adults. Can't let the younger TMNT fans read this one! ;)

You can order it by sending $16.95 plus $4.00 shipping to:

100 North Village Avenue, Suite 12
Rockville Center, NY

** Alternately.. click here to pre-order..!!

** Shipping is at the end of may !!

" In Kevin Eastman's last major work on the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" he teamed up with Simon Bisley to spin a "John Woo" inspired story featuring Raphael and Casey Jones.
In this one hundred page action packed adventure, often called the longest running gunfight in comics, Casey and Raphael find them selves caught-up in the middle of an international family murder revenge assassination plot, complete with gansters, thugs, secret agents, double agents, armies of Kevlar covered swat teams, resistance warriors, and more spent shell casings that the D-Day invasion.


- You can now read ** Leonardo #1 is posted ( this is a 2 - part story ..first part leading into #10 ) ..***TMNT volume One #10 on the site .. ..

- On a related note of Heavy Metal ..

Eastman, Talbot, and Bizley's other classic 1988's MELTING POT is available for download now for free on H.M. !!

** NOTE:: This comic is very violent with heavy sexual overtones, ect. THIS IS NOT A TALE FOR YOUNGER FANS OR THE SQUEEMISH !! 18 and up .. - **

** ** ** CLICK HERE for MELTING POT ** ** **


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Splinter's Iroonna said...

How the heck can Raph walk with all that stuff strapped to him-- especially how the heck can he walk without killing himself?