Tuesday, August 28, 2007

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No excuses..and no BEE - Ess .. here's your next round up,Spike-tykes n' Prickle People !!

-Thanks to Anomaly for the following.. :: Hi, Just thought I would let you know that Best Buy is selling two of the original Season dvds for 3.99 each this week. ..

- Checkin' in with Roseangelo ::

Rose::The new Auto Attack action figures are now being sighted in stores. Below are pics of the Leonardo and Raphael figures.

- New Playmates TMNT Web Site ((**Click here))
Playmates has launched a new TMNT section to their Web site. ..

..**Don't miss the details to get the exclusive Bigfoot figure!


((Would also appear that Toy's R' Us is getting another Movie Mini 10 pack.. at least according to the new site.. ~t))

- Eric Talbot has posted a new Donatello sketch in his blog. ((**Click))

- Fans of the old Archie comics may remember Jagwar, who ended up as part of the Mutanimal team. He never did get an action figure back then, but it seems that his day has come.

Murphy **announced today that Jagwar will be part of the TMNT action figure line next year. And then later he gave us pictures ((**Click)).

"I don't wanna sound ungrateful but that really doesn't look like Jagwar to me... is this going to be the same Jagwar from Archie or is this just some character with that name tossed on him?"

Point well taken. As I explained two posts below, the name Jagwar was indeed applied after the fact. However, when the control drawing of the then-unnamed jaguar character's design first crossed my desk a few months back, my initial thought was "WTF, why doesn't Playmates just make an action figure out of Jagwar instead of coming up with an entirely new jaguar character?"* However, at the time I was too busy to pursue the matter and it slipped off my radar. Last week, when I was hired to write the packaging copy for the character, it wasn't clear whether or not the jaguar was a hero or villain. When I inquired, the question was then posed to me whether or not I'd like to make the character into Jagwar. I did. So, to answer the question above, yes, in effect this is just some jaguar character with the name Jagwar (and accompanying "Archie bio") tossed on to him... thus turning it into Jagwar.

*My second thought had to do with one of the other mutant character designs, that of a villainous Tasmanian devil. Knowing the endangered status of the real Tasmania devil (due to a highly contagious form of cancer that is decimating the species), I felt that the character ought not to be a villain but a hero, hoping to draw a little attention to their plight (however remote that might be) but moreso to not add to the misunderstood "devil" label of the imperiled species. My concern was ignored. .."

Still cool glimpse at the Kitty that is now known as 'JAGWAR' !! ~t

** **

- Bit in from ,GW ::TMNT is the #1 most purchased film currently on Comcast's "On Demand."
Just worth a mention ....

A collection of Interactive online TMNT games,pets n' kids.. you may or may not have seen 'em..check 'em out in case ya did miss out on all the Turtle goodness !! ::

-Courtesy of Slash.. ::

Turtle Power ..((**a cool TMNT action Figure fighting game !!))

-Kids love Turtles n' Turtles love Kids..courtesy of Hero !!:: ((So cute** Click here))..

..odd and end TMNT movie links.. state-siders may have missed ::

- **TMNT @ Piczo

- ** TMNT @ Bebo ((..you may have to sign up for this service ..))

- **TMNT-movie U.K. Myspace..

- Not to be outdone.. it's time to check in with our friends at X-E ::

((**Click here for goofy ol' Matt's next psycho & smart-a55 TMNT article !! ))

Important and recent updates from Dan B.'s official TMNT dot com, again !! ::

- "Posted the previews for Raphael: **Bad Moon Rising #2 and **Tales of the TMNT #37. Tales should be out now, unfortunately **Raphael #2 ..((All these should be out at the shoppes by now.. ~tOkK))

- "Chris sent in this info:

'Just thought I'd let you know that overstock.com has the second part of season one for sale at $10.66 as a pre-sell due out on 9-18'

- **Posted TMNT Volume 1 #7 - you can now read this issue on the site. ((**Click))

- **Updated the Books of the Future page with Tales of the TMNT #41.

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