Wednesday, September 20, 2006


**Update :: Looks like Zixx and Cody are also included with extra weapons and shuriken !!
-->> Leo n' crew are packin' extra hardware !! Seems like the recent shipments of the Turtles and Splinter shows Playmates givin' the guys loads of ginsu gear. Leo for example here comes with 2 extra sets of blades, a naginata style blade staff, and 2 shuriken. I'm assuming these count as 'variant' figures.. but it ain' really a cosmetic change to the figures themselves.. just extra weapons..and real value if you put off getting the F.F. TMNT til' later. Earlier shpments only had the guys with their baisic Ninja Tek Weapons and that's IT !!
The new Turbo Ginsu 9000

Still no sign of F.F. villians or Purple Dragon ..i'll look into it.. stay tuned !!
-- From Cjj::"

I don't know if anyone still needs these or is interested, but I figured it couldn't hurt to post this here.



April (yes, I have two of them for sale)

I'll be posting Splinter sometime next week, and if these don't sell, there is a chance that he'll be posted as part of a lot that contains either April, Leo, or April AND Leo.

Thanks for looking, guys.


-- Thanks to Nacho for pointing out..:: the 'Ninja Tribunal eps are showing up on the You Tube !! ((**click here to get started in case you missed the Tengu thrashin action !!))

-- Thanks to Dierna for this ::

"Kevin Clash, who performed the voice of Splinter in
the 3 live action TMNT films, has released his
autobiography entitled: My Life As A Furry Red
Monster. It mostly deals with how being the voice and
puppeteer for Elmo has changed his life. Im sure
there'll be a chapter or 2 that mentions Splinter tho.
On the URL I am providing there is an exerpt from the
book itself.

His furry red face is as recognizable as the Mona Lisa
or the President; he is in fact such an icon in our
society that it is hard to remember when Elmo wasn’t
part of our culture. And while it is easy to think of
Elmo as that perpetual three-year-old that lives on
Sesame Street there is someone behind Elmo, or perhaps
someone underneath Elmo.

The 224 page book “My Life as a Furry Red Monster”
tells us all about that someone and how his life has
been transformed by a little puppet named Elmo. For
anyone who doesn’t have children, nieces or nephews
let me relieve you by saying this book was not written
by Elmo. Repeat, this book was not written by Elmo. No
first person referrals or incessant yet contagious
giggling, this book is about Kevin Clash, you know,
that person “underneath” Elmo. With the help of Gary
Brozek, Kevin shares his private thoughts, past
glories and pitfalls all while telling us what he has
learned from Elmo.

The subtitle explains the purpose of the book best,
“What Being Elmo Has Taught Me About Life, Love, and
Laughing Out Loud.” I know what you are thinking, what
can I, a long since pre-school graduate need to learn
about life from Elmo? Well according to Kevin, quite a
bit. Each chapter is defined by the lesson that Kevin
has determined that he and the rest of us could learn
from Elmo. From love to courage, to creativity and
tolerance it seems that all of us could use a lesson
from a three-year-old’s perspective.

Despite your opinion of Elmo (love him, hate him, or
tolerate him) you have to admire his ability to rise
to the top. And yet as Elmo continues to grow in the
Sesame Street spotlight, Kevin remains on the
sidelines. Like a parent, quietly observing his own
child, Kevin is amazed at what Elmo is able to
accomplish in the rough and tumble world that is the
twenty-first century. Unlike Elmo who freely speaks
his mind and demands constant attention, Kevin is only
happy just to be a part of it.

From his humble beginnings, we learn about Kevin as a
young child and how his parents influenced him to be
something more than just an African American kid
growing up in the city. They encouraged his somewhat
bizarre habits of collecting fur, fabric and other
odds and ends to build his one-of-a kind puppets. At a
young age, Kevin had a natural talent for entertaining
and yet he himself never sought the spotlight. Content
with being the boy behind the curtain, or the boy who
went off in his own direction, Kevin uses this time to
develop a craft that would become his ultimate dream.
A long time fan of puppetry and Sesame Street, Kevin
shares with us how his mom actually gets him into the
professional puppetry gig. And how his own tenacity
brought him to New York City and then eventually to
Sesame Street. The only things missing in this book
are shared photographs of Kevin’s early childhood and

Similar to Jim Henson’s Ernie, Kevin is the antithesis
to Elmo. Quiet, unassuming, content to observe he
finds that by portraying the rambunctious three old is
his own outlet for his “other” side. Despite Elmo’s
dizzying popularity, Kevin is humble, and we read
about these moments of humbleness when Kevin shares
with us his first moment’s with his daughter, or the
first time he saw a Tickle Me Elmo on the shelves of
the toy store. Elmo may be the money maker for Sesame
Street, but Kevin assures his readers that he is only
one of many hands the helps to stir the pot.

This book gives us that little insight into what it is
like to be a puppeteer of one of the most famous
Muppets of all time. For those of you who are aspiring
Muppeteers yourselves, you will especially enjoy this
book. Pay careful attention because Kevin, as producer
and puppeteer recruiter he has some wonderful pearls
of wisdom for what he looks for in a potential
co-worker. We get to learn some of who Kevin really
is. Who and what has shaped him, who and what inspired
him and most importantly what kind of a man he is

As each one of Elmo’s little life lessons unfold we
learn a little more about Elmo, Kevin and perhaps a
little more about ourselves. By reading this book we
find out that there is more to Elmo than tickling,
giggling, and his goldfish Dorothy. Elmo has layers of
love, joy, creativity, tolerance, courage, friendship,
cooperation, learning, and optimism. Kevin Clash
understands this and now he finally has a voice to
share it with the rest of us."


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