Wednesday, September 06, 2006

-->> ..Buzy,Bizzy,Buzzy ..back to school n' back 2 screwl.. tOkKie's brain's stingin' once again !!

My apologies ..recent format issues over the past few weeks kept my newer updates from showing up here on the main index here !! Sorry about that..and thanks to Mike for cleanin' up after all the bulls in tOkKie's pen.. (cuz ya knwo what bulls leave 'specially after they've had an all nighter all-you-can-tokk buffet as part of tOkKa's Heye-day..) ..err anyway .. lots to catch up on so here we go !! ::

-- case ya missed ..some quick spots of note from the official TMNT dot com and Mr.B ..have a good vacation,Dan !!::

..Click "**" for each jump. They'll open in a differant window for ya !!

- ** Posted TMNT Volume I #3 to read on site. We'll be posting an issue from volume one every other month for the foreseeable future.

-**Due to demand, I've updated the cartoon episode guide - the "Ninja Tribunal" synopses are up (listed as Season Five) and "Fast Forward" is now listed as season six. DO NOT READ THE SYNOPSES IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW ANY SPOILERS.

-Sabrina sent in these pix of her friends and herself in TMNT costume at this year's Dragon Con. Great job, gang! (d4mm these are HOT !! ~tOkK::

**Photo 1 - Karai and Ch'rell !!

**Photo 2 - Karai close-up..!!

**Photo 3 - Casey v. Karai !!

**Photo 4 - Karai and April !!

**Photo 4 - Karai,April,Casey,Ch'reall,PurpleDragon,& Gangster !!

On a note from Nacho .. is Dario Brizuela's blogg with super art peeks on his Tales of TMNT works as well as his other comic feats !! Checkit' @

-- Packaging art for the Season 4 TMNT DVD set due on September 12 or around that time. This should fill in the rest of the gaps for S.4 until the 'Ninja Tribunal'.

-And extra special thanks to Virtual Wenrog for this ::

TOKKA! I JUST FOUND THIS AWESOME PICS! These pics and pictures of children books BASED OFF THE NEW MOVIE! They look so cool!!

Yaotl is an Aztec god of darkness.

This was on Deigo Jourdan's website.

This was on

It's a sticker book. Here's a link that shows quite a few titles of new TMNT movie books coming out in January, including novelizations and scrapbooks! You can pre-order some of them right now! ..

..killer !! ok more later, you guys.. tOkK's takin' a lickin real bad past few weeks..feel like my spikes been trampled by heard of ninja buffalo !! oi ..

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