Saturday, September 23, 2006

-From Dierna & Virtual Wenrog (thanks ,guys!!).. ::
"Diamond Comics has images of some of the upcoming
action figures for the new the description
kinda confuses me cuz it lists Karai with the surname
of Winters....

But.... Winters is the evil billionair industralist
guy making the monsters....

..Some of the monsters in the movie are the Jersey
Devil, A Cyclops, and A Vampire.

These figures will supposadly be out in December.


** Click here for the small preview !!

-Nuther' slick tip-off from Virtual Wenrog ::
"I found some new concept art from the Gameboy Advance game being made off the new TMNT movie at IGN! .. "

-V.W.:: "they have all the new synopsises of all 13 episdoes of the Lost Season at the Officaial TMNT Website! (**Click here)"


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