Tuesday, June 06, 2006

-->> Yee-hhhaw.. here we go ::

-- To our Canadian Turtle Kid friends..:

Ross May ..'Tales-' writer and all around great guy posted this event on his TMNT Blog (if you are in the area ya may want to check it out !!) ..::

"On June 7th I'll be at the John M. Cuelenaere Library in Prince Albert talking about writing for comic books. I'll be there at 6:15, and I'll stop talking when tomatoes start flying at me. This event is mostly geared towards children, so it should be fun."

**((Psstt..**~~ if you guys keep reading his blog.. you may even learn some geeky Turtle-trivia about 'Tales #22' between Ross,Mr.Laird and artist Scott Chon !! ~~tee-hee ^_^))

-- Thanks go to G.W.,Cyn and Alicia for pointing the following..::
YouTube has 'Insane in the Membrain !! The links from Alicia .. ::

".. *smiles from ear to ear* Guess what's on YouTube! In three parts but still!

Part one!

Part 2!


Part 3!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfbf_VnVxHQ&search=TMNT .."

..in case you can't handle the Torrent from the earlier post.. this offers a great alternative and a bit more practical download to see the lost Turtle Ep Fox doesn't want you to see !! Muh thanks to the person who uploaded from thousands of TMNT fans who have been left out in the cold from this contraversial Ep by the big-wigs..!!

..stwong leaders kick da foot ball hawd!!

-- Meet DIEGO JOURDAN based in Santiago,Chile !!
A professional illustrator and veteran of comics such as 'Starship Troopers','Felix the Cat', and 'Babylon 5'. He's also worked with 'Simon & Schuster' on some of the TMNT kids books they've released that i reported on awhil back.

** His new Blog starts here.. where you keep track of his current projects and new TMNT ones and past ones. Like his sadly rejected but sweet as h3ll:: 'Baby Ninja Turtles'.
Diego is also set to have a short Turtle story in this summer's anniversary 'Tales of TMNT' #25 and be working in conjunction with next years big TMNT flick on TMNT movie licensed goods. He's also landed the big gig of adapting the movie to comic form !!

-- Official Turtle site stuffs..

-A new extended Synapsis each for TMNT eps :: **Episode #63 "Nobody's Fool" & **Episdoe #70 "Hun on the Run" have been posted (Click the '**' for the pages)!!

- Raka sent Mr.Berger the following..::

The Smithsonian Museum of American History has a Mikey suit from Movie 3 on display, along with a couple of older Mirage books. I was at the Smithsonian a couple of months ago, and I looked at the catalog of exhibits. The exhibit that the TMNT gear is in was not listed as a limited-time exhibit.

Unfortunately, the entire American History Museum is now a limited-time exhibit. According to The Washington Times, the American History Museum will close after Labor Day and will not reopen until 2008. So for TMNT fans in, around, or passing through the DC area this summer, get to the American History Museum and check out the TMNT gear before the place closes. The exhibit's not going anywhere if the catalog I got a few months ago is to be believed.

Also ..
--Little personal fluff::

..The Ninja Turtles has real intresting & diverse fan-base & can be a bit different than giant mega-properties like say 'Star Wars'. Mikey's TMNT is a labour of love and a real home-grown TMNT fan site created by Mike for his friends and all those who share his love for his favourite Half-shell heroes. Imperfect as it is ..Mikey's and !! terrible2z (M.T.M.N.T.'s sister site) are constant works in progress. The past several years we've also become quite an independent news source. While some people may pass this as fairly silly.. it takes alot of hard work and tricky scheduling to get even a round-up of the latest news n' ninja-gossip. Not only that it takes alot of digging and diggig. I'm always greatful for anything Turtle related fans and creators friends to the site are willing to share. Alas it's few and far between what is shared,but thems the breaks. It gets overwhelming.. Sometimes even tOkKa wants to pull the breaks all the way and quit updating and news-digging all together, drop it all like a bad habit. But as tOkKa's life has been increasingly more challenging ..the support and encouragement for me has increased as well. I just want to say thank you again to all of you and for all your kindness. You guys are what makes this site and at the heart of what makes tOkK want to continue to work ..and ya also make it alot of fun !! COWABUNGA !! Thanks again, everyone !! Luv ya !! ..>v<

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