Thursday, June 22, 2006

-->> Peanut Butter Jelly time ?? But tOkKie's still got bananas on the brain !!

..poundin' out the classics while he's poutin' n' poundin' his chest!! Me tOkKa .. you Jane !!

tOkKa doesn't take on the King of Kongs.. but the Son of Kong.. the 'Donkey' one that is !! Yep.. the Same 'Jr.' that dared to pit up against Mario in the putrid plumber's only villianous role (he's a real dirty ape) !! So roll up yir sleeves ..grab a banana..n' grab a vine !! Start swingin' for yir life cuz we got Nintendo's King of Swing n' granddaddy of all Video Arcade Apes ta rescue from that evil pip-sqweek ;Mario !!

Get a move on Junior !!

It's tOkKa's most giganticous,gorrillamous,monsterous Fan-piece to date ..only on

terrible2z !!

..don' cry,Jane n' Jr...tOkKa loves ya .. n' he'll be back in a snapp ..n' faster than you can say .."Orange ya Glad i didn't say Banana Again ??" S'long,monkies !!


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