Thursday, March 16, 2006

TMNT V.4 # 27

-->> Michelangelo and some horny company !!

.. " Next expected release: April 26, 2006

Written by Peter Laird. Illustrated by Jim Lawson.

This issue: Michelangelo goes from the frying pan and into the fire... Leonardo makes new friends... and Raphael and Donatello join the assault on the Xihad camp!

Next expected release: March 15, 2006

Next issue to be pulled: 21 (Late)

by Ryan Brown, Murphy, & Dario Brizuela

“A WRINKLE IN TIME” — This issue gives all-new meaning to the word "cowabunga!" There are cowboys... and then there are cow-boys… bovine cowboys! Meet the Wild West COWboys of Moo Mesa as they team up with the TMNT in order to track down a powerful crystal shard and the rip snortin’, six-gun totin’ villain who stole it! Straight-shooting anthropomorphic action-adventure without the bull! .."

..thanks to SLASH for the quick comic-tip !!

-- Official NinjaTurtles d0t com has ..::
"Pierre Oitmann sent in the following info:

"Here is some info on a promotional TMNT DVD, which appeared in The Netherlands only.

"The title is 'De Grote Tovenaar', which means 'The Big Sorcerer' in Dutch. According to the cover it's 'an episode never before released on DVD'. I'm not sure what the original title of the episode is (Jennifer Waring informs us that it's "The King"), but I guess it’s an episode from the first series. The DVD is packaged in a card sleeve with full-colour artwork.

"This promotional issue was distributed by Bridge Pictures and only available at a chain of grocery stores in The Netherlands (November/December 2004). A very rare item.

"Following is a translation from the introduction story on the back of the card sleeve:

"The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back!
The mutated turtle brothers Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael are trained to be magnificent ninjitsu (ninja) warriors by their sensei Master Splinter, in the sewers of New York. The Turtles have to face the super evil Shredder and his diabolical Foot Ninjas, who are menacing the streets and alleys of New York. Will the Turtles seize them or will they end up as turtle soup?

"There also was a promotional DVD containing an introduction episode with the origin story, which was available only at several toy stores in The Netherlands, around the same time. I also have a copy of that, but I'd have to look for that one amongst my other DVDs. The artwork is pretty much the same as this one's, only it's packaged in a standard DVD case."

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