Thursday, March 23, 2006

-->> ..yea-hawww !! Yet 'nuther round up to catchya up on the hottest TMNT news bits n' blitz that the week ahs to offer ( and some ya may have missed !!) ::


--Ross May is a comic book writer and TMNT fan !! Ross also has had the dream-job of working directly for Murphy's 'Tales of TMNT' as of January's issue 19 !! Super smart in the ways of the Ninja,ghosts, n' Gamera .., slammin' writing skills,intresting and a really REALLY nice guy .. !!


Ross offers a few Tales- #22 teasers,break downs of his Turtle story,inside work, insight on life and his future with the Turtles (and comics) !!

Be sure to check his Blog for info on this up and coming comic writer :: 'ROSS MAY - Writer @ Large !! **Click here !!

-- In other 'Tales' news..Our friend, Dierna brings word of a special follow-up to Tales - #5 ..a special Leonardo 4 parter ..!!

"This all-new 4-issue mini-series picks up immediately
after the events of the fan-favorite (and sold-out)
Tales of the TMNT #5! Blinded and depressed, Leonardo
seeks to take a break on the rooftops of New York. But
an unfortunate misstep leads to a tragic series of
events that culminate in a face-off between the
Turtles and the New York City Police Department! This
one’s not to be missed!.."

** Click here for Newsarama's special interview with Jim Lawson ..creator of Leo's next 'Blind Sight' chapter !!

** And thanks to Cyn :: ~~** Here is a link to TMNT-L's opinionated Newsarama image-peek on Blind Sight !!

-- Our pal, Wikka sez.. " On VH1's "I Love Toys" (spin-off of "I Love the 80's"), TMNT got #33 out of 100 for the best toys of all time... " ..

..and we wanna remind you to Vote for TMNT for the # 1 spot on next year's 'I love Toys' !! **Click here to go to VH1 to vote for TMNT ..and your other Plastic-pals.. and vote as many times as ya want !!

-- ** Checkit'out !! Official TMNT 'Radio Disney'4-kids' Tour Pix from all over the nation !!

** In a side note: tOkKa is very much a night person much of the time and is usually jugglin' more barrels of monkies than a Rodeo Clown lost in the jungle. Meaning i'm not always able to update TMNT news on a regular baisis. That's why i started these 'TMNT Round Ups' give you a nice low-down on all the latest Turtle gossip & news i uncover in one full scoop!!

I want to thank all of you for your continued support over the years. Tokkie has been a handful i know.. and i know i've not always been the easiest person to deal with, understand or handle (and it ain't just cuz of the prickles !!). Thanks also go to Nitro who sometimes steps in to offer a bit of Turtle Bits to the page !! As the night progresses or if i can make the time i update the News page here as often as i can..between work, artworks,and balancing out Mikey's sister site :: !! terrible2z . If you have any Turtle related news you'd like to share ..(and get full props and pimps for it ..) just E-MAIL tOkKa and i'll get it up here as timely as i can !! Ok ..hang on to yir horses !! There's more to come !!


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