Sunday, March 05, 2006

-->> .. oi..ok, tOkKie-pokies.. tOkkA took a beatin' back there in Tumbleweed Town.. but no time to rub the salve on his tOkKa-tookus.. there's alotta notes let's get started ..::

--..Good,pal Dierna..never lets us down.. last week she was on the spot with 2 cool TMNT interviews (in case ya hadn't seen ..thanks ,D !!) !! ::

1)"The Comics Review has an interview with Murphy, Writer
of Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the TMNT
Cartoon, Managing Editor/Mirage Publishing, and
Creative Director/Mirage Licensing. There are also
images from upcoming issues of Tales as well as info
on Season 5..".. ..(** Follow the link.. click here !! )

2)"TMNT Storyboard artist Shannon Denton..On his blog at (**click for the jump !!) ..Storyboard artist
Shannon Denton mentions the TMNT. This guy is
responsible for season 5. Im slightly worried since
he's the storyboard artist for...Krypto(now I know
who's responsible for Lex Luthor looking like a green
conehead)...but he also did the art work in Jimmy
Neutron,JLA/U, and he's a cute cowboy! all is
forgiven. *lol*

Anyways here's his blog entry:

So I'm pounding away on a storyboard for new season of
Ninja Turtles. I'm always amazed at much work it is to
storyboard ninjitsu battle scenes. It's probably
because A) I have never been in a knifefight with four
mutant turtles and B) I am only half ninja.

Anyhow, I turned on Cartoon Network this morning to
refamiliarize myself with the show. Watching the TV it
dawned on me I have multiple shows I've worked on
airing on Cartoon Network. This is more shows per week
than at any other point in my career. Teen Titans,
Ninja Turtles, Krypto, Justice League, Juniper Lee,
Ozzy & Drix... and they are all on the air right now!
(and soon my episode of HiHi Puffy Ami Yumi I wrote as
well) And this is just Cartoon Network! I've reached a
cartoon peak!

And on this site you can see his artwork:

Also at there's contact
info for him if ya wanna email him, his bio, and lots
of other stuff!.."


-- While i'm not to sure if these 2 TMNT designs are exclusive to the store.. TARGET mens' department has the 2 tees (approx. $9.99 each). One features very new-school; Khary Randolph art work..the second features a really cool classic Turtle montage that's to cool for ol' school!! Pick 'em up this week and you should be able to catch them on sale.

Side notes as of late from the official TMNTd0t com..::

--"Lots of people have sent in the following link regarding the next DVD to be released of the current cartoon series. Unfortunately I haven't been given any updates, but it looks like FUNimation has changed their schedule from the one that's posted on our DVDs page. Click the link .. for more details:(**Click !!).. "

--"General Mills is holding an instant win sweepstakes for their TMNT Fruit Snacks. Consumers must purchase the box with instant win opportunity and look inside (winners pay for shipping costs). 3000 Lucky winners will have the chance to win a Playmates Toys TMNT Battle Shell with the purchase of the General Mills TMNT Fruit Snack: (** for a pic of the promo-box ;~tOkK).."

..and in case ya missed it..

David Oxford sent in the following info:

"There's a site called Retrojunk that archives all these old commercials and TV show openings/credits from the '70s, '80s, and '90s, and they recently added some stuff from what they call the "red sky" era of the original toon. The opening is here (**Click !!) and Intro 7 is the closing credits. They cut off a bit at the start and finish, unfortunately, but still a good view for anyone who didn't see it to start with.

"They also have foreign openings (Hero Turtles and such), and an article about the red sky eps here. (**Click here for the jump !!)"


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