Monday, February 13, 2006

..Happy Valentine's from Mikey's TMNT !!

-->> Thanks to Dierna for the quick note .. hits up TOYFAIR 2006 with an extensive look on the rest of the Paleo Patrol, Bishop,Rat King,Baxter,Quarry,New Toon-correct Splinter,and blasts way forward with snapshots from the future TMNTs, Cody Jones,and the 'Fast Forward' line.. and so much more ..!!

~~** Check out Figure's gallery startin' here !!

..sugar RUSH !!

..last minute Turtle Valentines ?? Lookin' for a lil' more unique card for your Turtle Tart ?? The TMNT Super Hero Candy Game cards run about $2 (i found this one in Wal-mart's Holiday section) ..and are a sugar filled fun treat n' game for your Super Sweet Green Teen ; a real nice gesture sure to set your Valentine's heart all aflutter to the EXTREME !!


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