Friday, February 03, 2006

In news, and it's actually TMNT related, for those out there, I'm a HUGE Futurama-fan-geek (dare I say I am the few thinking it's better than Family Guy AND The Simpsons!!), and while I not normally say much of it here on the bodacious TMNT site such as this, it ties into the following newsbite.

Fry, Dr. Zoidberg, Prof. Farnsworth, and much more of the characters were voiced by Billy West, and occasionally I snoop around the site. For those perhaps a bit more old-skool in the animation world, he played the original Jim Jenkins/Nicktoons' Doug, Ren& Stimpy (while originally Stimpy first then later providing both due to a shakeup at the show due to management) and is also currently the red M&M, and MUCH MUCH more.

While snooping the forums though, I saw an interesting question... While I've gotten nothing more regarding who the baddie in the film is, Billy has already recorded his dialouge for the film!! RAWK ON.

In Billy's words on the forums:

I was in the new turtles movie.I played a small part as a character named
''Pantera.'' Can't wait to see it.


Who is this Pantera character? Who are the villains in the film?? Is the character from the mirage days that I perhaps have no clue of? Anyone?

In other news, regarding Dribble For Kids, we have Page 5 and Page 6 ready for your reading pleasure!


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