Wednesday, February 08, 2006

-->>.. gee ,tOkKa.. we gotta get back to the blogg and post some more Ninja News round ups !!

Thanks to Dierna .. for this not from .. and Playmate's Press release on TMNT : Fast Forward..**~~CLICK HERE..(this article also includes details of the new toys as well as the press release that's been floating around for days now. ..

Season 5 takes the TMNTs back the future new villians ..Casey's grandson ..and 4 DARK TURTLES !! (!?)

-- Official TMNT report from Dan Berger & Travis ::
"I work at Sears and I was browsing through their action figure section on my break when I spotted an item I hadn't seen before. It was a large action figure of Leonardo that included the TMNT 3 movie DVD. It was only $14.99. I've included a picture of it, I also saw Michaelangelo and Donatello (both included TMNT 3 as well) but strangely no Raphael. As far as I could tell it appears to be the same DVD that is already available."

** ~~Click here for a peek.. you may have seen these already .. (all 4 Turtles are re-colours of the 2004 Crashin' Thrashin' Mikey..)!!

-- **~~ 4Kids TMNT 100 Special Forum is up n' runnin' !!

-- **~~ Here's Michelangelo's Allosaurus..!!

-- .. and followin' Nitro's neat news.. Leo leads the pack in a quick lil' week round up'-wrap up.. ..

Alicia (thanks, Ali..) gave note of kinda a neat TMNT edit vid ..Leonardo as he struggles in life set to a very familiar song.. a bit heave n' real cool..(some other fun Turtle vids on here too.. ~~** Follow this link - here !! )

..ok .. i think i left my brain back in '50s .. so i gotta get in the car n' head back .. ..

..see you in the Future as i try to get back on track heres.. !!


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