Monday, January 23, 2006

..Now for a REAL Ninja Turtle NEWS Round up,pardners !!

-->> That's right !! Ryan Brown's Cow Boy Cult following get their wish as the Moo Mesa Cow Cud Chew Crew make their long way from the early 1990s ABC Saturday Mornin' desert into official TMNT Canon !! Grab some sasperilly n' celebrate with yir favourite bovine !! Tales' #25 is ridin' outta the sunset in MARCH !!

--Another 'Tales note has fan-fave Chris Allen back in the artist seat !!

-- More notes from the official TMNT d0t com.. on the TMNT 100 ep site @ 4 Kids !! ::

To celebrate the 100th episode of the currrent TMNT cartoon, 4Kids has been expanding their Turtles site:

New Sections

• Downloads – launched!

• Trivia Challenge – launched!
(more trivia will launch throughout)

• TMNT100 special forum – launched!: (**Click here !! )

• Mouser Mayhem game – launch by February 3

• Greatest TMNT Moments – launches February 3

• Viewer’s Choice – vote beginning February 17 between 8-10 episodes, 4 top vote getters air on microsite in March.

Check it out at: (**--HERE !!)


-- Looks like our ol' pal ;MATT XE is still wallowin' in Turtle Bootie n' TMNT freebies ..still a pimpin' Turtle fan,the lunk-head .. (way ta go, MATT !!) !!


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