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-->> 4 -kids DVDoubleshot boasts 'Two great low price.'
These videos can usually be found a the bargain shelves and discount chidren's video sections in Toy stores and toy departments. (I found mine for aprox. $4.88 in Wal-mart's Toy department near the toddler toys. The entire section had $1-$8 discs featuring other 4-kids cartoons like 'Sonic X',learning videos, and classic Popeye,Superman, and Betty Boop cartoons amoung others..standard fair for discounters.)..

Value vids for TMNT so far include ..

In the Begining
..includes the first 2 intro eps for the TMNTs..

Super Hero Turtle Titan
Including eps : 'The Unconvincing Turtle Titan' & 'Nobody's Fool' .. (The intro ep for Nobody is out for the first time on DVD !!

Introducing the Shredder
Includes : 'Shredder Strikes' Part 1 & 2 !!

-- Quick round-ups from the past week at the official include.. :

-"Posted previews for Tales of the TMNT #18 and TMNT #25.."

-'Leif Jørgensen sent in the following info regarding DVD releases in Denmark and Norway..':

"Perhaps it would interest you to know that you can get episodes of the current cartoon on mini DVD. K. E. Media has released the episodes "Monster Hunter" and "Lone Raph and Cub" on mini DVD in Denmark and Norway. The Danish release was out at least 1 1/2 months ago, but the Norwegian version arrived in December.

"Each mini DVD contains only the nameplate for K. E. Media, the copyright caution and the title episode. There are no bonus features and no way to choose language (on the normal-sized DVDs you can choose between Danish, Swedish and Norwegian). They are Region Code 2 DVDs and cost 29,95 DKK (4.77 USD) or 49,00 NKK (7.23 USD) for each."

**K.E. Media Link One

**K.E. Media Link Two

**K.E. Media Link Three

**K.E. Media Link Four

-- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Turtles Against H.A.T.E.
..the next 5-part mix up from 4-kids and Funimation in the regular TMNT vid line-up has Savanti Romero gracing the cover with a mid-EVIL Raph on the charge !! Due on the 31st of this month.. contains the following episodes..:

Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael come across a band of crazed, heavily armed, alien-hating Survivalists, bent upon delivering and detonating a thermo-nuclear device in New York City.

Mission of Gravity
The Shredder sends Stockman and Hun on a quest to retrieve an Antigravity Generator from the city of Beijing, which is still floating in the upper atmosphere, thanks to the Triceratons.

Time Travails
The turtles get sucked into a time traveling adventure by the somewhat vapid but totally cute Renet, the Apprentice Timestress. When she steals the Time Scepter from her boss, Lord Simultaneous, Renet falls in on the turtles and accidentally takes them into the past and into the clutches of Savanti Romero and his evil advisor.

The People's Choice
Out camping for the night, the four turtles find themselves in the middle of an election. It's not any ordinary election. The two female candidates are from a distant planet where the political process is trial by combat - to the finish. The turtles cast their vote, and it may cost them their lives.

Sons of the Silent Age
Taking a Huck Finn-style trip down a local river, the turtles, Casey and April discover a nuclear power plant - as well as mermen of Y'Lantias, the last of their kind. Or at least they will be, if the turtles can't help save the last merwoman and her vital secret.


..more outta order eps equals frustration for continuity fans. Still ..they are good eps.. n' just short of a downloading nightmare.. this looks to be a good selection. Oi.. maybe we can borrow the time sceptor to go back n' bonk the exec over the head who made the decision to mix n' put out-of-order all the TMNT video eps on the recent waves of disks !! Ugghhh !!
MC FLYYY !! may recognise my brother as one of the bulls in that big 'Narnia' picture ..(grr..that jerk stills owes me fifteen bucks..lowsy !@$$&&* rich muck!!)

-- PALEO TMNTS,DINOS and Savanti are slowly ploppin' on the prehistoric pegs at your fave RIGHT NOW . Have patience as the the archeologists at Playmates dig up new stock.

..HAPPY '06 ever'body !!

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