Thursday, May 22, 2003

This Week’s Strip is now available. As I promised, the TMNT make a quick appearance, or should I say, one of them do, as well as two other marvel heroes.

Hm. Has anyone seen the Matrix Reloaded? Perhaps you felt a bit jilted by the film, as if something was missing? Well, I felt that way. Until I began to play Enter the Matrix on the cube and my god, it made the movie 5 times better. Either way, despite on my first turn not caring for the film, you NEED to check this movie out. No if ands or buts. You’ll see action sequences you’ll most likely never see again at a movie. Well, in America, anyway.

Speaking of movies, anyone know when that TMNT hallmark tv-movie is gonna come out or did that pop back into development hell? Let me know at or go to the message boards and let the gang know!

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