Thursday, May 08, 2003

First off, I wanna say hey to everyone. I've not forgotten anyone, and also, my many happy returns of the day to the dude of them all with the site (besides Tokka.. ;-) ) Mikey!! Happy B-day Mike, and I hope it was a pleasant one.

If anything I think you all should, if you get a chance, send Mike an e-mail wishing him, not only a happy birthday, but also tell him thanks for running/overlooking the site, and helping it become what it is today.

Okay with that said, as I used to do in the old days, well, like months ago, I've done some new comic strips!! I'm gonna try to do one every Friday. Try being the key word.

Here is last week's comic strip... and then this week's strip is entitled "Turtleneck Sweatshirts."

I know last time I ever really posted, I promised a TMNT strip, specially with the new show out. Actually I have a few ideas I wanted to do for the TMNT being in the strip again, and well with all the mutant movie mayhem happening this summer with HULK and X2, I think I can really make some cool strips featuring our favorite turtle foursome!

And, I was surfing, and I don't know about you, but if you want some new threads featuring the new TMNT toon versions, well you're in luck! We got some awesome shirts right here at The King of T-Shirts. Note tho, it only comes, well some of them come in Medium, Large and X-Large. So happy buying!



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