Thursday, April 24, 2003

-->> ..Basket ball is ever so fun..'specially when you play by yirself.. noone ta hog the ball.!! .. .. kill me..

..Saturday marks the first set of TMNT of the new show.. no big deal?? But is ya want more new TMNT action.. here's a quick bit from , N.V. at ..N.T. Network.. .. ::

According to someones Tivo listing over at, new Turtle eps begin again May 1st. Wether this is true, and how long these new stretch of episodes will last, who knows...but lets hope for the best!
I don't want to have to wait ten weeks to see new episodes, after they've repeated the first batch!

..well if your so dammed tired.. why don't ya go do something healthy on a Saturday morning..GO OUT AND ENJOY THE FRESH AIR LIKE ALL THE OTHER BOYS n' GIRLS.. i know.. i will .. i'll be at the basketball court.. shootin' hoops..

..alone.. .. >v<

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