Wednesday, April 09, 2003

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5 'Lost' TMNT episodes frmo the ORIGNIAL series?--

Take this with a grain of salt, folks, since I know so little about the production process, but here we go.

I've found a post on the cartoon Network Usenet group that claims there may be 5 'lost' episodes of the original TMNT toon series that thave yet to air anywhere. He's found the information in the Library of Congress, and they apparently have episode production numbers. He's even claimed to have found the title of one called 'Shredder in Love'.

Now, most of us know that there is a SMALL possability that some new eps still exist. They may have held back a few to save for future premeirs of the show on syndication networks. They've done this twice already. Once with the WPIX NY episodes shown during the summer of 1991. These are the 'Super Hereo for a Day', 'Peking Turtle', etc episodes. The ones that focus more on humor('No, no.....trouble... at all) and light on action. Probably made because the syndicated networks where tired of showing the same repeats over and over again.

Then there's the European episodes. Made specifically for that market, because the show took so long to get over seas, IIRC. As far as I know, these where never intended to air in the states, untill USA got the syndication rights and probably wanted to kick the series off with something special.

So, is it possible that there are even more un-aired episodes? The official site lists episode production numbers, and some numbers are skipped. Are these skipped numbers scripts that where discarded, or episodes that where saved?

Is anyone out there that has worked on the show, reading this, and can inform us of the situation? I don't know much about TV show production, but I for one think it would be great if there where 5 'new' episodes of the old show. Eps where I CAN'T identify the episode just by hearing a few seconds worth of dialouge....

If I hear anything more, I'll fill everyone in...

..i'll beleive it when i see it,dudes.. but i never saw the Tooth Fairy.. n' i beleive in her.. Ahh.. i'm going to hell.


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