Tuesday, February 11, 2003

-->> ..plaster your monitor with Plastronable PLASTRONS !! ..say that 3 x fast!!

..YAAY!! Now you can make your desktop nice n' pretty (pretty ugly) with::

crappy 'official' TMNT desktop paper!!

..yes i said CRAPPY!! >8( ..


& this from Dan "bonehead" Burgerboy Berger Mc bunion::

Howdy folks,

I've been getting tons of requests for images from the new show, so I'll be
taking artwork from the style guide and adding them to the Art Gallery ASAP.
..blah blah blah..yayayayaada..stuff t0kk already told you about..yayayaa..

We just got a shipment of the limited edition cold cast porcelain Leonardo
statue delivered - which hopefully means that those of you who ordered them
will be able to pick them up within the next two weeks. Playmates has told
us that they plan to release Michelangelo next, but no release date has been
given. We're hoping that it will come out this year - but only time will

We haven't gotten the ratings back yet on the new TMNT cartoon shown on Fox
Box, but judging by the flood of positive mail that we've received, it did
pretty well. Thank you all very much for the support! =O)

No firm release date has been set, but the action figures of April, Casey
and Hun should hit toy shelves sometime this spring or early summer. We've
gotten some preliminary pix of the sculpts in - if Playmates will give us
permission, I hope to post them in a few weeks (the dudes from Playmates are
busy right now focusing on Toy Fair in New York City). Casey comes with a
removable mask and April will be packaged with two Mousers. Hun is HUGE.

For those of you who haven't heard, pre-production work has begun for a 2
part, live action television mini-series featuring the TMNT. The show is
being produced by Hallmark and we're hoping for a 2004 release. Steve
Barron, director of the first TMNT movie, is on board as a creative

Turtle mania is back! =O)

Dan Berger

..today..fer lunch i had a 'Jenny Craig' on rye!!

..yeah yeah yeah..

..tokK has a new best friend!! 8) .. >v<

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