Tuesday, February 25, 2003

-->>..whuddat ridin' up  my shell??  ..hey watch where yir stickin' that thing!! ..

.. AT the touching ,feeling X-Entertainment dot c0m.. you will touch and feel.. feelings & emotions..

..feel the love ..the warmth and the 'touching'..break out in song as April sings her ballad of longing for Turtle touching..
..Jeer as Shredder (a.k.a. Radar dish) b8tches n' moans about how much he hates music..

..LEARN the trade secrets..of the Turtles Terror Tour ..and all the touching and feeling and feelings and emotion..of touching Turtles..

Touch me.. and read.. ::


..we're big Fans here of X-E ya know.. but i was so high on cocaine and paint fumes that i missed..

the X-E 'TMNT-Just Say No!!' article

..@=^ wwhh00000AAaoo..l00kit alla pretty cl0ulorz n' read that one too.. >v<


..THANK YOU !! ..


.. A freeking big thank you to all who have supported the site ..to all those who donated.. we have gotten more than 1/2 ..
of what we need to keep the place open.. if you still haven't donated..or can't.. THANK YOU as well!!

Your Support is always appreciated no matter at what level you are.. We love ya!! Again..THANKS SO MUCH!!

..now a word from the super Turtle-d0rk whose name is on this site..

..THANK YOU !! Operators are standing by..

Dear Friendz,

.. i'd like to personally thank all of you for helping to support my lame arse Ninja Turtle site that is lame!!

..N0 this isn't tOkKa writing this ..it's really Mikey..eh..yeah REALLY!!

Anyh00.. Ninja turtles has become my life..and i am a lazy nim rod who can't figure out a

brick from a bracket n' tOkKa
really is the one who does all the work..so really you all should be thanking him and not me..

..but well thank you for your continued support even tho' i am a loser..

.. i have no dignity but i love you all

love ,L00Zer.. i mean, Mikey "quartrpoundermane"

Thanks ,Mikey.. we know your a l00ser.. but that is why we love you ..cuz you are so pathetic in your Ninja Turtle fetish
..that we pity you !! Thanks for making the most ghetto ninja turtle Fan site on the net..

..and thank you for destroying my self-worth by making me your slave!!


..one of these days i will get the keys to this lock.. i will escape from this dark,cold cellar.. and my pastey white arse ..

..will get his revenge by destroying your vintage "Leonardo sings Sinatra" LP collection!!

8D ..I hate you!!

.. >v<

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