Wednesday, February 05, 2003

-->> ..Classified Ads on the.. 'TMNT offical'.com
are at..

..the end..

.. 'Ninja Turtles can Kiss my..fuzzy bunny bon bon' !! is the ish from DAN ' bon bon Mc Bunny boy band' Berger ..the Mirage Web boy leader..

Due to increasing problems, the Classified Ads pages have been removed from the site.

-->>.. just thought i'd throw that in to ruin all your Goofy TMNT Fan Boy 'ADDY' aspirations..

..and in other BERGER BOY NEWS: :: :: :: ::

The Mirage crew is heading to New York City on Thursday to attend the premiere of the new TMNT cartoon, which is gonna rock - but it doesn't leave me anytime for updates this week.
So - don't forget to check your local listings and watch the new Turtles cartoon on Saturday!
A new era in the TMNT history is dawning - awe yeah! .. ..


Ah well - Fireworks MX and Dreamweaver MX have defeated me.
After spending most of the past two weeks building the new frame set with rollover graphics and cool lil' pop-up menus,
I discovered today that the cool lil' pop-up menu feature in Fireworks doesn't work across a Frameset
(unless you do a lot of text editing inside the Javascript code in Dreamweaver, which I tried and utterly failed at.
I shoulda went to programming school instead of art school). This is quite aggravating considering that Fireworks has
the Target command you need for Framesets built right into the Pop-Up Menu utility, but it apparently ignores this
aspect of itself and prefers that you become a Java programmer to get it to work. GAH!!!

So it's back to the drawing board for the site's new design. A true drag, as I really wanted the new,
snazzy Frameset to be up this week to coincide with the release of the new series. :(

But enough of my worries - the good news is that the show finally airs this Saturday, so all's well. :)

See you next week - mebbe I'll get lucky and figure out how to edit that Java stuff by
then - or have something new cooked up. I could always abandon the idea of Frames and use
Tables (to get those cute but annoying lil' pop-up menus to work), but that would mean editing over
1,500 HTML documents - something I really, really wanna avoid.

Web sites - can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. :) :::::

..that last bit there is comforting knowing that even the mighty DAN 'Bon bon' Berger
pretty much stinks and is overwhelmed by web design..just like t0Kka here !! >8)

.. bout 2 more days,folks.. !! 8) ..>v<

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