Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Dribble For Kids has been updated everyone. I know, I bet you are all excited, shaking in your boots for the conclusion of.. THE BLACKOUT Storyline.

But first I wanna just give a little info on "the Blackout Storyline." and the way it was 'meant' to end.

You'll notice first off the artwork has returned to it's crappy origins. What can I say. You can't beat Nathan's work. He is too good. I hope you sent the boy some love for doing it. ;-)

Now onto the storyline...

Originally, there were around 7 ways I wanted to take the storyline, but instead I opted for the easy way out, which is the 8th way. So since Plans A-G have failed, Plan Preperation H was set in stone. And no, while there is no huge monkey, or ending where it breaks the 3rd wall again but as a movie set, nor... there is a large cat, or it's a video game inside a video game or any of that, but... I settled with the summation ending. So on the whole, I think Preperation H feels good.

On the whole.

Okay, so go read THIS WEEK'S STRIP. And by the way, could you go get me some chocolate cos Scotty Don't. Huh? Huh? Ladies and Gentlemen Scotty don't.

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