Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Catch-up n' Katsup .. here we go, official Turtle site blog and stats first !! This shouldn't be to hard. ~~**

-->> TMNT Official's Dan and crew have 2008 Playmates Toy releases updated now including the Sludge Runners and Paleo Mini-mutants, **Click the list here !!

--"Josh sent in info that **Figures.com has posted some images from the San Diego Comic Con International of the upcoming figures from NECA. Also, ***Playmates Toys has posted pix of the new Sub-Sewer and Global Missions figures as well as Mini Mutants Paleo Patrol and Extreme Sports (among other things). Check 'em out! "

-- **"Good news for older fans regarding TMNT costumes! Halloween Express stores across the country are now selling ADULT SIZED TMNT costumes! They're also available via the Halloween Express web site."

-- ** ** "A bunch of peeps sent in the following link from amazon.com where you can pre-order 4Kids' Season 2 Part 2 DVD. We've gotten word from 4Kids that this release should have the 14 remaining episodes on it (not just 13 ..). .."

-- ** ** TMNT 25's Official FLICKr Page here ** ** !!

--** ** AND .. TMNT 25's Official TWITTER here ** ** !!

NECA TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES // 2008 Comic-con exclusive MOUSER 3PK ..manhole cover

NECA TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES // 2008 Comic-con exclusive MOUSER 3PK ..manhole cover

"That was from our first trip to San Diego to go to the ComicCon. I think it was in 1985. "

-- Peter Laird

"It's actually a "Photoshopped pic" of a photograph of Pete and Kevin
from their first San Diego signing back in, I think, 1987. In the
original photo the two are separated by a distance roughly equivalent
to that of another person.NECA moved them closer together in order to
make the pic fit within the little circle of the manhole cover. .."

--Steve Murphy


-->> ..flip side of the San Diego Mouser pack manhole cover..

..so roughly between '85 - '87 ..

(( ..thanks to Pete Laird & Steve Murphy for clearing that up !! ))

-- More Con fun from the other week on my FLICKr account ( not anyone wants to see my awful exploits and and exploitations ) ..

tOkKa's San Diego Chronic Cough  2008 :: New Line/WB   .. tOkKa the Lost Snapper Escapes from SDCC

** tOkKa's terrible Trip - Trip photo stream start's here X{ .. !!


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