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-->> .. LICKIN' MY WOUNDS ONCE AGAIN..welp.. gotta get this done and alot of Turtle bits from the past few weeks here to go with the i better get to feelin' better.(('Sides.. Summer's here let's think of brighter TMNT-tommorows n' sun,fun,pizza n' Beach Blankets,Bingo !! )) ::

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..the rest of the TMNT movie 'Stunt Rider' Assortment should be zoomin' into a store near you NOW !!

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We've just got hold of a bunch of new information for an upcoming region two DVD release, HIGHLANDER: SEARCH FOR VENGEANCE. We also have a few clips from the film too. Read on...

From revolutionary anime director Yoshiaki Kawajiri (The Animatrix; Vampire Hunter D; Ninja Scroll), writer David Abramowitz (Highlander The TV series; Highlander: The Source), animation supervisor Kevin Eastman (co-creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and Manga Entertainment comes HIGHLANDER: SEARCH FOR VENGEANCE, a brand new feature-length anime addition to the ever-popular Highlander phenomenon.

After five feature films, an animated TV series and two live-action TV series, the latest member of the MacLeod clan hits the screen with a brand new edge thanks to the unique visual stylings of anime wizard Kawajiri and the team at Madhouse Studios.

A one thousand year quest is about to end and the patience of one immortal man who has endured loss and pain for a millennium is about to be rewardedÅ 

A lone warrior, Colin MacLeod has travelled through the ages, endlessly searching for a fellow immortal, Marcus Octavius, the man responsible for killing his lover, Moya, on the Celtic plains tens of centuries ago. His journey has taken him to a post-apocalyptic New York in the year 2187, the city now a partly submerged ruin overshadowed by a vast monolithic fortress. Ruling what is left of the once proud metropolis is none other than Marcus Octavius, whose despotic plans for the future include the mass murder of the city's populace. MacLeod has the power to save the survivors, but driven by a blinding bloodlust, he has only one goal - to avenge the murder of Moya. After countless encounters with each other on the bloody battlefields of history, neither MacLeod nor Octavius has managed to emerge victorious. Will the remnants of New York prove to be the final battleground as these two immortals once again come face to face?

In HIGHLANDER: SEARCH FOR VENGEANCE, writer David Abramowitz continues the Highlander saga in fan-pleasing fashion with a thrilling and epic storyline that brilliantly recalls the spirit of Russell Mulcahy's original 1986 movie.

HIGHLANDER: SEARCH FOR VENGEANCE (cert. tbc) will be released on DVD in the UK (£16.99) by Manga Entertainment on 9th July 2007. Special Features include: East Meets West Part 1; Interview with director Yoshiaki Kawajiri; photo montage; original teaser by Madhouse Studios.

**Click here for more including clips from the film !!

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- "Fate of TMNT 4Kids Toon"


"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ninja-kicked their way to the top of the box office in March with their CGI movie TMNT!

The movie DVD is released this August by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, supported by a huge marketing budget.

Over 50 licensees are on board with product including toys, video games, mobile content, apparel, books and more.

4Kids TV continues to air the popular Fast Forward TV series and there's a whole new TV series coming fall 2008.

Visit 4Kids Entertainment at Booth 3400, for more about this true everGREEN hit! "

- A.Modeen:: " Interviews with Will Tupper and Kevin Munroe .. ..

- Will Tupper :

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- Kevin Munroe :

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- Dan Berger has answered a few questions for me for an
interview I've posted on the Empire. He gives lots of
answers here about TMNT, his own history with them,
and the comic book industry at large.

Check it out here :


- ..And feel free to comment here, or on th Empire board
here :

Also, in what was a surprise to me, a very unexpected
TMNT interviewee has agreed to a hard-hitting line of
questions from myself about the new film. I'm awaiting
now for his responses... stay tuned on this one

-It's old, 7 years now, but it's only viewable exclusively online -- never been printed to my knowledge. ((**CLICK**))

- Courtesy of Jake Black .. :: "Check out my blog **here ** for the first three pages of my TMNT: Fast Forward story to be published in the UK."

- Cool TMNT anatomy perspective from Teletran ::

"I was thinking of putting together an anatomical workup of the turtles based on their appearance and abilities as well as the anatomy of real turtles.
I searched the web to find out if anyone had done anything similar and found this:

Which is helpful but has several aspects that I would have done differently.
If you have any comments or suggestions for this project please let me know. I will update soon.



Imperative and most recent updates from the official TMNT [d0t] com..

Dan Berger ::

- **Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) for Episode #128 "The Freaks Come Out at Night..."

- **Posted the preview for Tales of the TMNT Collected Books Volume III.

- **Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) for Episode #125 "Clash of the Turtle Titans"

- **Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) for Episode #127 "Invasion of the Bodyjacker"

-Steve Murphy received two Harvey Award nominations for his mini-series "Umbra" for "Best Writer" and "Best Continuing or Limited Series". If you're a comics pro and would like to support Steve and artist Mike Hawthorne, please head over to the Harvey Awards site to grab your ballot. Congratulations Murph and Mike!!!

- **Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) for Episode #126 "Fly Me to the Moon"

- **Posted the preview for Tales of the TMNT #35.

- **Updated the Books of the Future page.

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