Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The girl’s gone green

From Ripley’s to VH-1, Michelle Ivey, uh, breaks out of her shell

The infamous Ivey :: 'Believe it or Not'

-->> The Metro Times Detroit pays a visit to M.Ivey the record breakin' shell-for-brains,shell-on-the-brain and one of the biggest TMNT fans on the planet !!

The article has word..from Michelle herself,'Five essential things for the world's biggest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan, should she find herself stuck on a desert island', settin' some records straight,.. and the possible future of a TMNT Museum ((?!)),we'll see.. but you gotta read !!


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Transformers' Megan Fox has a secret ..((of the ooze))..

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MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet: Justin Timberlake Might Make Megan Fox Pee

'Transformers' hottie Megan Fox goes from indie-geek chic to all-out sleek.

Megan Fox — who is heading to the MTV Movie Awards for the first time — may masquerade as the typical Hollywood stunner, but lurking behind those lush locks, chiseled features and bright baby blues is — a nerd?

"Yeah, I'm a comic book geek," she confessed. When asked to reveal one of her favorite movies of late, she raved about one that was spawned from a comic book series (see " 'Transformers' Set Has Flashy Cars, Robot Models, Exploding Furbys"). " 'TMNT!' " she exclaimed. "I'm down with the Ninja Turtles. For real, that movie was good. It had the greatest fighting scenes between the two brothers, almost 'Crouching Tiger'-style. I was super-excited to see that movie, because I've seen all of them. My favorite was the Vanilla Ice one ['The Secret of the Ooze']."

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..**Click here for the entire article:: The past weekend's MTV Movie awards,Autobot Tatoos, and Urinating about Justin Timberlake .. !!

-Vintage Sports Cards Inc. is offering value repacks of the classic TMNT Trading Card game :: Turtles Unleashed. This set has 1 complete 2 player starter set, 5 Booster packs, and not labeled ..there was a suprise pack of the 3-d TMNT Model Cards inside (from a few years back) !!

The pack retails for $9.99 ..but i was able to snag the box for around $5.oo at a local Kmart store !!

Not too sure how long the pack has been available.. but this is the first time i've noticed it. You may wanna keep an eye out ,'specially at Kmart and are tryin' to complete your collection of the Trading Card Game or are totally new to it altogether !!

- Quick Stats from the official TMNT d0t com ::

Dan Berger::

- ((**CLICK))Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) for Episode #124 "Night of Sh'Okanabo!".

- ((**Click))..Posted info about the Season 1 Part 1 DVD.

- And more movie VID info..

Paul sent in the following news:

"The recent TMNT movie will be coming to not only standard DVD on August 7, but also next-gen formats HD DVD and Blu-Ray as well. The HD DVD version also includes the standard DVD on one side of the disc for $39.98 and the Blu-Ray movie will be $34.95. Both versions feature high-definition video, while HD DVDs typically boast nicer menus and Blu-Ray discs often include uncompressed audio. These will be the definitive way to watch Leo and Raph argue at home!"



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