Thursday, November 23, 2006

What are you thankful for ??

Mikey's TMNT and terrible2z ..i know for a fact is super-charged by all our friends and fans. For almost 8 years now we've seen some of the craziest Turtle times and the harshest spit n' spadoodle the Foot Clan could shell out!! We've survived Triceratons (weigh a ton),Alien Invasions, Time Travelin' Trivails, Next Mutations, runchabungas,Inflatable Raphael Chairs,Mad science, Dragon Lords,Cody Jones,Krang Bangs,Bebop n' Rock, fourth Turtles movie teasers , n' tOkKa's terrible coding skills !!

Somehow we've made it.. but couldn't be doin' it without our friends !! That's a deff' !! Mikey's TMNT friend base is global & galactic..reaching Turtle fans of all kinds !! We love you all.. and on behalf of terrible2z , MIKEY P.,Xipe, and the rest of the forum staff n' friends.. we all thank YOU !!
Yep ..that's what we're giving thanks for today !! Luv ya !! Have a good day everybody !! ..>v<

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