Tuesday, November 21, 2006

-->> Hi,Prickle pals..

..quick checkin' n' note::

People have been saying to me that they have been sending me messages for weeks now to tOkKAb2@terrible2z.com .. only to have their message bounce back to them or totally disappear and have me not get it at all. I got a hold of my server and fixed the issue. You should be able to email me and not worry about bouncin' baby messages. Both addies :: tOkKAb2@terrible2z.com and tOkKAb2@gmail.com are the same.. all messages go to the same email box (just as long as both email addies are in sync ..) Sorry for the mix-up,guys.. i'm one snazzle-frazzled snapper.

Also Update for Mikey's TMNT and t2z real soon. Just let me catch up to the rest of my day. Thanks guys..luv ya !!


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