Monday, October 30, 2006

-->> Woot,tOkKa-Spookables so much goulin' these last days of OCT-'s despecable !!

--From Sweet Dierna.. ::

That's right folks! A copy that comes with a one page
insert signed by by TMNT Co-creater Peter Laird, as
well as authors and illustrators: Jim Lawson, Dan
Berger, Steve Murphy, Eric Talbot, and Michael Dooney.

I ordered a copy a little over a week ago and got it

U can order it here:

** entire price is $18 but just remember that you're
getting a copy with autographs.

Here's a pic I took of the autographs:

**(Photo 1)

**(Photo 2)

--Last week the Dark Turtles were all abuzz..and it took tOkKie tip-toe in' around town to track all four evil clone-galloots !!

Super Sculptin' (but weird articulation..)makes these really stand out in amidst the entire Turtle Line !!

..if Sh'okanabo's boys still havn't raided your Turtle pegs in the toy isles near you.. hang in there a little longer !! They will !! (Thanks to Wes for use of the photo refs- !!)

Our Hero in the U.K. has got a spot of info for ya England bound TMNT-philes ::
"Toddler TMNTs have cropped up in various stores (particularly the ENtertainer) and are retailing at £3.50.

With the price reduction on all TMNT items and the shelves gradually being dominated by the new Biker Mice line, things still don't look too good for TMNT. "

-- The immortal..Mr.Dan Berger ::

"Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) for Episode #89, "Still Nobody"" ((**Click here))


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