Sunday, October 22, 2006

..oi.. summin funky in that ounch back there ..RAT POISON !?

-->> Once again..thanks to Amazin Turtle !!

..Officer Biggles,Dark Turles,Prez.Bishop,Starley,Wrasslin' Raph,Triple Threat,Agent TMNTs,Dojo Turtles,Dark Splinter n' more!! ..

The next waves of TMNT- FF are bound to cause more contraversy and fun ..!!
Give 'em a gander if you dare on .. **Click here for the full 'Future looks Bright' gallery from the Fall Toy Fair !!

 ..horrah we can hardly hold our weapons much Coco-nut Foot Lotion !!
-- The sneek peeks don't stop there.. there's a blast here on Figure's TMNT Movie Fig Gallery.. It'll blow yir mind out the window !! **Click here !!**

Remember me ?!


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