Thursday, July 06, 2006

-->> Now that we're into July..the final figs of the regular TMNT line should be leaking out of the factories n' headin' to the pegs. I've been very paranoid and discouraged the past few weeks as very little new stuff has been headin out to the stores other than new Paleo waves. Alot of talk on forums seems to surround 'Fast Forward' Figs.. my amigos TMNT Man & Slash say that TOY WIZ (*click here) has got the preorders down for the 'Dark Turtles',Sterling,Cody,TMNTs.. ect. ..alas..prices are pretty steep there. Tmnt Man also points to Target(click here **).. they are displaying the new 'HOVER HQ' and the 'Hyper Shell' vehicles already !!

TMNT MAN : "..If anyone is thinking about getting the Fast Forward items from, I just received a 10% off code. TCYLUJFS .."

..the snapper elite !!

-- own trip to Target last night for some supplies lead me to the TOY isle.. sure enuff' a lone Mutated Don (Gamera some are callin' him) was on the pegs. This could/should mean that the other figs in this last Reg- TMNT wave (Baxter,Purple Dragon..ect.)will be out on the pegs soon. They may already be out. Perhaps someone else snapped 'em up before this snapper could. But at least i got our pal DinoDon here!! He's not to scale.. but the figure is still very cool !! Donatello joins the snapper ELITE !!

-- Official site ::

"..extended synopsis (with screenshots) for Episode #84, "Grudge Match"..." **CLICK HERE !!

-- ..i'll check in later today with some more tid-bits if i can. Things are real buzy in tOkKa's Spiney-ville. Preppin' and gearin' up for Comic-con again is proving to be a challenge. Ya know your pokie-prickle pal is always infamous for his last-minute shennanigans n stress. It's a big year for TMNT at Con.. as the TMNT 4 teaser trailer will be on hand for sure to delight the sewer-savvy;Plastron lovin' public !! Recources in prior years prevented me from updatin'on the spot @ the con.. but i may be able to post a bit of TMNT news while i'm out in San D.. we'll see. (All the Star Wars n' AICN news gurus get all the good techo-gadgets.. maybe this year tOkKie can out-SPIKE 'em !! We'll see..!!) ..

Back later !!


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