Saturday, July 22, 2006

-->> More suprises were in store on Wenday's big TMNT 4 teaser launch..pre-production sculpts were also on hand by Playmates for Turtle 4 toys !!

Click for larger view !!

Click for larger view !!

Click for larger view !!

Click !!

..tOkKa must say the as to some of the best sculpted figs yet !! Pix ain' perfect but they are cool as h3ll Thanks to Cyn for snappin' em' for the snapper !! I'm sure Mirage will have much better ones.. !!

..i'll also scan the Comic-con exclusive TMNT 4 movie peek book when i get back next week,ok !!

-- Official news & recaps ..

Posted the preview for Tales of Leonardo: Blind Sight #2

Tons of people have sent in the following links - thanks everyone!

To see the trailer for the TMNT computer animated film, go here:

To check out news about the movie that was given out at this year's San Diego Comic-Con International, go here: 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2

And finally, Virtual Wenrog was the first and alone person to spot this link about Ubisoft's upcoming video game based on the film:

-- From our amigo 'Nacho' ..::

There is an interview to Diego Jourdan in my spanish tmnt web site
( )... and if u were asking, yes, the interview is in spanish, but you can translate it with babelfish.
And next week there is an interview to Dario Brizuela (Star Wars comic, Tales of the tmnt, etc.)

-- More Con ferver from Amiga ; 'Dierna' ..

Check it out! OMG! I LOVE the way Karai looks!!
(April and some of the monsters)
(Karai, Leonardo(or is that Raph?), Casey, and some

The main plot deals with Leonardo, who's been gone for
a year training with the Ancient one. His family is
breaking apart. Raphael has become what's described as
a "violent vigilante" like Casey because he'd rather
be a "hero" than stay underground. Splinter's against
it but oddly, Leo is on Raph's side about this...

Meanwhile an industrialist is making a monster army
for Karai so she can take over the city and possibly
the world.

..luv ya..more later !!


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