Saturday, April 01, 2006


-->> Turtles Trailer Revealed !!

During a silent 'finja' chat on Tuesday ; March 29, 2006 in regards to the March 30, 2007 release of the TMNT's return to the silver screen. Chat comprised of the feature's director : Kevin Munroe (also representing Imagi Holdings,a rep from 4-Kids entertainment, Patrick Falso representing a marketing director from Warner Bros./Weinstein Co. and 5 Turtle fans (amidst the five : 'tOkKa'.. Marketing research analysts through electronic means had determined tOkKa to be the 1085th largest Turtle fan in the nation just short of thier independant '2000th fan' mark. One analyst stated :

The engine to carry this has been under speculation but it was deemed appropriate to reveal the teaser trailer to carry the turtles in the near future. Low-petrol prices in Hong Kong allow us this freedom. Literally: "All shell has broken loose." We are pleased to share this trailer.

Pending legal action and tOkKa's integrity..i have decided to reveal this 'teaser trailer'. Again legalities may require me to take this trailer down. But in the mean time Mikey's TMNT and are proud to reveal this Turtles teaser trailer to our deserving fans !!

**Click here to see the trailer.

** Lo-bandwidth users please be patient.


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