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-->>..will the real Slim 'season 5' please stand up ?!'s been more than dusty breezes n' tumble weeds on the lonely Turtle-news desert.. and more like a sandstorm.. a 'Lost Season' of TMNT has had tOkKie really mixed up as to what to report here.. but i think i may have the lo-down as to what's going on in this latest "Round-up" ..::

.. sorry ,tOkKaroos.. it's a pretty difficult time right now so updates have been sporatic.

The biggest story i've been following is the 'Ninja Tribunal' ..season finale from last week and what the heck is going on between this and next season.
I'll give you guys what i've learned in a butt-load. Hopefully tho' ..for those of you havn't been following this, been very confused, or just wanna follow along with me or whatever. Let's go.

To add to alot of my confusion ..Fox and 4Kids have been mixing up the original episode order on the standard 'TMNT' Saturday morning run. The season seemed not only short to me..but they skipped episodes leaving out key events in the continuity. For instance how Baxter lost the rest of his mech-body yet Bishop reconstructed him at the Area 51 during the big 'Donatello as a Monster (Gamera-Don)' 2 parter. This was also what ended up being the 100th and 101st episode. The Final episode of the season ended last week with the begining of the 'Ninja Tribunal' story arc that introduced a brand new set of heroes and villians and 'Shredders' into the 4-Kids/TMNT universe and it was the first part of a story arc that won't be shown on U.S. TV but will be shown overseas. It will show up on DVD in the U.S. (More on that later..)

.. according to messages and boards i've been reading the episode order of this season 4 episodes originally was to be as such..((thanks to Cyn ..for gathering this info,commentary and compiling..)) : :

Episode 79 - "Cousin Sid"-- I liked this because it starts up from their return to Earth, still injured and bandaged and in pain. Two careless comments about the burnt hair smell of poor Splinter, and a bad guy who got his nuts crunched in the process! AND we are introduced to Moody Leo!

Episode 80 - "The People’s Choice"-- one of the original "Tales", I really liked this-- Moody Leo barely talks-- I began to wonder if Michael S. had quit or something! Intergalactic cat fight, yee-Freakin'-HAWW!

Episode 81 - "Sons of the Silent Age"-- another of the original comic stories, and a lot of old time fans were disappointed, but I quite liked it's hopeful message, though I didn't care much for the writers' "views" on nuclear power.

Episode 82 - "Dragon’s Brew"-- the only 2 things interesting were that Hun had suddenly built the Dragons into an organization that could rip off Bishop and not incure his wrath! What the heck?-- and that Moody Leo could so easily be mistaken for Raph by Casey.

Episode 83 - "I, Monster"-- definitely one of my favorites-- it brought back the Slayer from season three and built on the Rat King's backstory-- creepy creepy-- and Moody Leo out Raph's Raph.

Episode 84 - "Grudge Match"-- another of my very favorites! Mikey gets a lesson in humility. Moody Leo is the only one willing to train him, to believe in him, and in the end it pays off!

Episode 85 - "Wing and a Prayer"-- too much backstory; more time should have been devoted to their learning to fly. That said, the fight scene was freakin' AWESOME!

Episode 86 - "Bad Day"-- possibly the best cartoon episode of any show in the world, and sadly the ONLY REAL SPLINTER ACTION all season! I really thought, though, that this would be followed up later in the series, but I was wrong. Powerful, powerful story-- and Moody Leo mouths off to Master S!

Episode 87 - "Aliens Among Us"-- Loved this one! Another favorite! Raph: "I like it when they go POP!" Moody Leo still manages to lead.

Episode 88 - "Dragons Rising"-- hmm, again, how the heck is Hun able to pull this stuff off and NO ONE, especially the government, seems able to FIND HIM let alone stop him???

Episode 89 - "Still Nobody"-- Mikey in drag, calling Don "My husband"-- and Nobody is back all too briefly. An interesting ending however; Karai has built a memorial library in dear old Dad's memory!

Episode 90 - "All Hallows Thieves"-- another of the original "Tales" and another of my favorites! Raph waxing nostalgic about Splinter taking them trick-or-treating as kids! Moody Leo not understanding why they had to stop for caramel apples!

Episode 91 - "Samurai Tourist"-- woohoo, Usagi and Gen tour the Big Apple, and Moody Leo almost opens up to his samauri friend about what he's been feeling. Another favorite!!

Episode 92 - "The Ancient One"-- except for the farting, this episode ROCKED the season, and it is my number one favorite of the year! The Ancient One is a great character! The voice actor made him even more so. I wish I knew who did it! "Poor dumb Kumquat..." LOVELOVELOVE this episode! And powerful! Leo nearly kills Splinter! By the end, no more Moody Leo! He learns many lessons in this one.

Episode 93 - "Scion of the Shredder"-- ACK! The poor Lair! The poor Turtles! Poor Master Splinter! They never explain HOW she finds them, but she does, and dang! A good episode, even though we know that they will escape, it's still very good.

Episode 94 - "Prodigal Son"-- Leo returns and rounds up the family. I really loved the part between Karai and him, but it wasn't long enough.

Episode 95 - "Outbreak"-- getting to the point were Don becomes GameraDon, and follows up on the stuff that washed into the sewers after "Aliens Among Us"-- NICE backstory on Bishop!

Episode 96 - "Trouble With Augie"-- didn't see it. This is the only episode I didn't see, and I didn't set my VCR correctly. No judgment.

Episode 97 - "Insane In The Membrane"-- the infamous LOST EPISODE! It contains much about Stockman and I suspect how the guys get a whole load of new toys, including the new "battle shell" ("Tortuga Brothers" moving co. since 1984). Hopefully this will make it to DVD.

Episode 98 - "Return of Savanti" Part 1-- another of the original "Tales".

Episode 99 - "Return of Savanti" Part 2-- both good episodes-- Renet returns, and Dinosaurs abound, and Savanti gets fried a good one!

Episode 100 - "A Tale of Master Yoshi"-- This was supposed to be the true 100th episode-- another of my favorites! Yoshi's backstory, as told by Leo to his family! A retelling of the Yoshi/ Teng Shen story, with a different person in the Saki part of the triangle-- and a foreshadowing of the last episode at the end!

Episode 101 - "Adventures In Turtle-Sitting"-- The long-awaited GameraDon! Fantastic story, though Splinter was so underused-- except by all of us fanfiction writers! I think at least five of us got out either a poem or a story based on this episode! AND it arcs with the next two episodes.

Episode 102 - "Good Genes" Part 1-- making a deal with Bishop, and who is that mysterious stranger??

Episode 103 - "Good Genes" Part 2-- a satisfying conclusion, though a rematch with Karai would be nice-- needed more emotion, however-- not a good sappy ending, but I did like how Bishop was duped. AND what is all this about "the REAL Shredder"?? Given how the new season is going to be called "Fast Forward", I guess we'll never find out.

Episode 104 - "The Ninja Tribunal"-- haven't seen as of this posting, but it looks good in preview.

..this was to round out the season.. but the contraversy really started with the announcment earlier this year of 'Fast Forward' ..the story arc which will inevitably be Season 5 of TMNT starting this fall.

The lost season which was supposed to take place just after 'Ninja Tribunal' is being touted as 'the real season 5' by a few..i was getting even more frightened i wouldn't ever get to see these eps at all 'til my pal Dierna -Raph Girl chimed in with ::..

..'From Dan Berger (via the Technodrome forum):

"The good news is, "The Ninja Tribunal" story line
will be completed - the bad news is, it won't be
airing on television in the USA. 4Kids Home Video
plans to debut the entire "Ninja Tribunal" story arc
on DVD in early 2007. This action-packed adventure
will not be aired
on TV anywhere in the US by that time - so they will
be "straight-to-DVD" releases (at least in the United
States - at the moment we're not sure if they'll air
anywhere else in the world, but it seems unlikely).
We'll post more info about "The Ninja Tribunal" DVDs
the site as soon as we hear more news from 4Kids."

..while it's not the best news and for some not good enuff'..for an overwhelmed fan like me at least it means i can at least see the eps on disc at some point just short of downloading a torrent of the eps or summin'. Dierna also alerted us that the super smart Chris ..also at T-drome asked some more questions to Danny B. to help clear up this mess a bit more..::

'**Chris at the Technodrome forum got some more info from
Dan Berger about the Lost Season and Fast Forward..

> Are the TMNT in the future at the start of Fast
> Forward or do they start in present day and get sent
to the future in episode 1?

They start in present day and are teleported to the
future by Cody Jones (Casey and April's grandson, who
summons the TMNT for help).

> If they’re already there does the Lost Season lead
to this or not?

As far as I know, the two are entirely unrelated.

> How many episodes is “The Lost Season"?

Right now it's undecided, but it should be between
10-13 episodes.

> Was the original season 5 always 13 episodes, or was
it condensed to that when the decision was made to
make Fast Forward season 5 and the Tribunal story DVD

I'm afraid that I don't know, I haven't seen any
scripts or synopses for what was originally intended
to be season 5.

> I know Fast Forward is a stand alone story arc, but
in terms of characters is “The Lost Season” in

I would assume so, but I can't say for certain.

> Will the TMNT as characters have been through the
events of “The Lost Season” before Fast Forward opens?

Probably, unless the scripts for FF have been doctored
since it was moved up.

> More importantly, will “The Lost Season” have
affected the status quo when/if the TMNT return home
after Fast Forward?

I'm afraid that I can't say with any authority since I
haven't seen the scripts or synopses for either
season. As you may have surmised by now, the writers
are very secretive about their plans because they do
not like spoilers being released.

> With Fast Forward being 26 stand alone episodes does
that mean that they return to the present for season
6? Or if it’s popular could Fast Forward be extended
to cover 2 seasons?

Only time will tell.

> With Fast Forward being a new look and new direction
for the show
> is there any chance you could do previews on the
website like you
> did before the new show launched?

I'll be posting some style guide images from FF once I
get the
scanning project done - probably in 3-4 weeks. That's
all I have to
post at this time.

.. .. .. ..

Raph's Girl note
: So in 3-4 weeks we'll be seeing
character profiles for Fast Forward!' from all this.. to keep it simple in tOkKie's tad-pole pea brain.. the 'Ninja Tribunal' storyline should be on DVD in the next several months..and Fast Forward starts in September with a fresh start and a new direction as the altered season 5 begins.. well at least the best i can gather. Got any other tips for tOkKa regarding season 5 (or other TMNT tid-bits) ?? Email tOkKa with your scoops n' tOkK will post it here givin' ya full credit and the satifaction of helpin' calm the crazy-brain bubblings of yir favourite schizo snapper !!

-- .. a few other bits i picked up over the past several days.. from Raph on T-drome..

"The Talent behind the Turtles

from 'Raph'
Hi Guys!

All the Turtles artists from 4Kids have put together a sketchbook of their personal artwork that they're
selling (it's only like $6)

Darcy Vorhees, the storyboard revisor on the new TMNT cartoon, asked me if I could spread the word about this item. Theres also an auctioning off a copy on ebay soon that's
been signed by 15 of the artists at the studio, including Adrian Barrios, the supervising
director Roy Burdine and a voice actor (Scott Williams), etc. If you could
The website is:
Support your favorite TMNT artists

--.. also our pal 'Usagi Yojimbo' appears in a cool learning device (courtesy of Dierna.. )

"The Royal Armories in Leeds has made their educational
trail on samurai clothing and armour available on
their website, with Stan Sakai's cartoon and comic
book character Usagi Yojimbo assisting in modeling and
narration. The trail and the use of Sakai's rabbit
ronin are part of the museum's "learning through
literacy" Easter Trail."

..ok.. that's what we got roun' here in this 'ROUND UP' .. but tOkKA's gotta go for now.. caught a cactus by the tail he did !! OUUCCCH !!


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