Friday, August 26, 2005

Tony Moore's turtle-graph for tOkK from Comic-con 2005 !!

With alotta luck and some blind determination ..i've been pretty lucky to run into some of my favourite creators involved in industry and TMNT related projects.

A few have even become good friends 2 your schiz0-snapper..

Sean Parsons,Rick Remender, & Tony Moore ..TMNT alumni (and tOkKa pals) talk about a bit of TMNT and their new chillin' Sci-fi graphic .. 'Fear Agent'!!

Rick Remender starts out Comic Book Resource's 'Fear Agent coverage..(--starting here)..'

..the index for this special coverage of F.A. at CBR..for the entire creative staff starts here !! "..exclusive interviews with the entire creative staff (including Moore,Parsons, and crew!! ~tOkK) sneak previews of some never before seen artwork and production sketches and a whole lot more! " afraid..the truth is out there..!! BOOGAH BOOGAH !!

--Official Turtle updates from this past week include alot of TMNT 3:Mutant Nightmare ..previews and reviews !! From Dan B. ::

"Absaraka Windholder sent in the following links with info about Konami's next TMNT video game: preview preview

Richard Mona sent in the following links from about the game: X-Box coverage DS coverage

..welcome back, forums !!


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