Sunday, November 28, 2004

-->>..gee whizzz..everyone is just so  ANGGRRRYY !!

..cruisin' stores i finally found my copy of Battle Nexus (TMNT vol.13)

..the entire quintet of eps.. with Turtles versus the masters from all over the universe!!.. And an evil plot by Drako and the Ultimate Ninja to make this the one of coolest Turtle Mini-series ever !! There is also some Bushido-bunny guy and a Rhino Bounty Hunter guy.. but enuff' about them.. .. -

..just kidding..the Extras on the DVD Vid include a sick n' sweet Peter Laird/ Stan Sakai interview with some cool history on the TMNT/ Usagi Yojimbo teamups thru' the years and it even shows Stan in action !!
.. this DVD marks a slight continuity problem if you are real particular with stuff like that.. 'The Big Brawl' eps on this video take place after the 'Return to N.Y' eps do out on VHS/DVD next year. Some big marketing things i guess.. but o well.. it's still a very cool Vid..throw Miyamoto Usagi and Gen in the mix.. you got one shell of a TMNT T.V. slug-fest ! ! on T-Drome..from Krang ::

"As many of you may already know, we have been planning on upgrading the forums for a long time. Thanks to the people who donated, we were able to buy a license for vBulletin, which is forum software that is much better than what we're using now. It will take a few days to upgrade, so in the meantime, the forums have been moved here:

Please do not bookmark that link, since it is only temporary and will be removed once the upgrade is complete. Also, the forums may be down for a short time while the members and posts are transferred over to the new software. Once everything is complete, the forums will be back completely and posting will be enabled on all sections again.

Update: I'm now working on importing the data from the old forums. Sorry, but the forums will be down during this time, and the downtime may last a few days. Once this is done, I'll just need to configure the settings, and then the new forums will be ready."

..shweeett.. !!


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