Tuesday, July 01, 2003

News From Dan Berger:

Howdy folks,

Time for a bit o' news:


* The TMNT cartoon will debut in the U.K. on GMTV July 20 at 8:25 AM (this is the first we've heard of the actual time slot :)

* The show should be airing on the Ten Network in Australia sometime in July as well - but that's all we know thus far.

* France's TF1 network will begn airing the program sometime in September.

* There are more countries that are planning to carry the Turtles, but we don't have any specifics yet - it's looking like the other territories won't be getting the show until late 2003 or early 2004. As always, stay tooned. :)


* I just got a look at the upcoming list of toys that Playmates has scheduled for release over the next 16 months - and it's long! I can't give out details at this time (the toy industry is super secretive), but there's ALOT of cool figures slated to be made - I imagine there will be many happy faces by Christmas of 2004. :)

* The Extreme Sports Turtles should be appearing in the USA later this month.

* The Foot Razor Jet vehcile should be out in the USA in August.

* The Turtle Lair Playset is scheduled for a Christmas 2003 release for the USA.

* We've gotten reports that Series One has finally started appearing in Canada! Wahoo!


* Many of you are asking what's up with 4Kids/FUNimation skipping two episodes for DVD #2, and unfortunately I can't answer that question. It looks to me like the "Meet Casey Jones" DVD contains the three epsiodes that feature Casey the most prominently (which makes sense considering the title of the DVD). Hopefully all episodes will be presented as time goes on, and the 3 episode DVDs will sell well enough to warrant season sets. Time will tell.

Dan Berger
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