Sunday, July 06, 2003 was hosted by That shitty company went down, but was acquired by They promised a smooth transition for former clients of FP. That was until the former owner of FP denied employees access to the FP equipment. The same day (July 1, 2003), all FP sites went down.

While I was in the process of moving the site to a new, more trustworthy and customer-friendly host (, access to the domain was denied by the former owner of FP. I was unable to change the name servers, which is critical when transferring a domain. At this time, I still have not been able to change the name servers, but have informed of the problem. Once that is done, this transition will go along more smoothly (I hope).

I am sorry to report that at this moment the forums are down. With no FTP access to my old servers, I was unable to make a backup of the forum databases. If the old server never returns, then I will have no possible way to retrieve old posts or member info. It will have to be reconstructed from the ground up. Again, I'm very sorry about this. But, hopefully, the server will come back up some day soon and we will be able to regain all that lost info.

I'm sorry for any inconveniences. With some luck, the site will be back to normal again.

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