Saturday, July 06, 2002


"With phenomenal resurgence and the big screen success of legendary comic characters like, "SPIDERMAN," "X-MEN," and "BLADE" already, with "DAREDEVIL," "HULK," and "HELLBOY" in the pipeline, now would be the time to make this body of work available to the serious art collector." says Eastman, "Besides, the Turtles have also begun their own trek back, as 4Kids Entertainment , and Fox have just announced their commitment to 26 new half hour animated shows for 2003 where they'll reinvent the heroes - I'm going to offer the original real deal."

Example of Eastman layouts, in this case pages 26 and 27
Priced at 0NE MILLION DOLLARS the collection will include; all the original detailed pencil page layouts, all forty of the original Eastman and Laird pen and inked pages, the original black and white wrap around cover, and a selection of Eastman's hand colored pages for the full color graphic novel.

Private personal showings may be scheduled. The artworks are currently housed in Western Massachusetts. Direct all inquiries to:

The sale of the original art from the book that revolutionized the American Comic Geek Dream, is truly a unique opportunity for the right millionaire collector, or institution to acquire this superlative example of contemporary American art.

The whole story:

Anyone got a million bucks sittin' around??

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