Monday, April 15, 2002

We've a major update here today... You asked for them, and you got them....FORUMS!

Don't hesitate; put them to use!!

There's a few different forums you can post to:
The Storm Drain -- Which is general TMNT discussion
Fan-fiction Recommendations -- Self-explanitory really... read a good fic? Post the url here!
Ninja Turtle Sightings! -- For those times when you're surfing on of those non-TMNT fansites, and up pops a Ninja Turtle.
Splinter's Swap Meet -- Specifically for people who are looking to trade or sell to expand their TMNT collections.
Pizza Party (Pre-teen Mutants) -- A forum especially for TMNT fans who are under 13. (Built to avoid having them exposed to our warped adult minds! :p)

So, have fun! Oh, and take note of our Community Chest! ;)

Furthermore, WebCAMS! Yup... we're all voyeurs at heart...
We've started a Webcam Portal, though it's pretty basic right now.

New Cams include: Mikey Falk, Dawnatello, and Mica! And there are more on the way...
Thanks for donating your precious faces, yall!
We're looking for more, so send em in! Make sure you include your name with your webcam link.

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