Saturday, April 27, 2002

This is Why P on P is real late..


-->> From the land of SPIKES PEAK.. ..long ago a distant howl
was kabashed..n' a grr,a grahh,& a growl was muffled..tOkKa
& Rahzar went into hiding as the Turtle fringe took over..
... ...oops..guess who'z back?? tOkKa n' crew return..a little
cleaner a bit simpler..hopefully a bit easier to download(..unfortunate
these durn banner & pop-up ads have infected the joint..o'
well..)!! We're still workin' out the kinks but..the Tykes
with SPIKES are here again..Turtledom is doomed!! See ya at
the party!! >8) ->Db2<- n' ~tOkKa >[+] WUV ~tOkKa >[+] !*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!
"..quoting 'Macbeth' scince 1991.." -->> >> >> >> >>> >> >>

TOKKA'z KriB!! n' "T" iz FER TOKKA!! online diary.. - @

TOKKA'z ded KriB!! @

Under Manhattan @

Also, Everything I Know I Learned from TMNT has been updated! Leah offers here help at creating your own TMNT garden!

And Amandatello has added Page 2 to her awesome "Plushie Peril" ... Find it by going here:

More updates on the way... see ya soon!

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