Monday, July 23, 2007

-->> ..C-Con time..

..TIME TO GO,TOKKA !! Silly Snapper ..slidin' to San Diego .. on the south bound slime-bus from SoHo .. oi ..'s the most imperative updates from the past few weeks.. sorry i'm late with updates.. but things have been non-stop cah-RAZY so .. anyways.. ::'s time.. wish me luck ,gang.. !!

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Danny B. and the official TMNT d0t COm .. ::

-Posted the previews for Tales of the TMNT #36 and Raphael - Bad Moon Rising #1.

-Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) for **Episode #130 "The Journal" .. ..and .. **Episode #129 "Bad Blood"

- **Updated the Books of the Future page.

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The following courtesy of Roseangelo .. ::

- Eric Talbot updates his blog today with a nice Raphael sketchbook painting.((**Click here))

- I thought I'd throw out an actual "announcement."

A couple years ago Peter Laird reprinted TMNT #1 with new inks, toning, letters, and script. Yes, that's a lot of changes.

I've setup a webpage that give you the opportunity to compare the new version to the old. And you can come to whatever conclusion you want to come to concerning the changes. Since it's my webpage, you get (a very reserved version of) my opinion there.

** CLICK HERE compare !!

- Many, many years ago, "The Forever War" was to be the last story arc of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures title published by Archie comics. But Archie pulled the plug on the series early and the story never came to be. For several years Mirage has been saying that they would complete and publish this story, but it hasn't come to be. Now word comes from Steve Murphy that "The Forever War" will be published as part of the TMNT's 25th Anniversary in 2009. A trade paperback collecting related issues will also be published.

** Read the full details at The 5th Turtle! ((Click))

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- Courtesy A. Modeen and Greenwillow : : **Steve Murphy on Newsarama and Tales of the TMNT #36

- Courtesy of Dierna::

The last 4 eps of Fast Forward are now on On Demand
joining the other two!!

.. ok .. i'll also keep my beak out for TMNT spots n' slorts n' Turtle tid-bits at CON .. B.B.L .. - out !!

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