Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ah crap..didn't we give these things to the orphans LAST YEAR ?! The real Hot toy is the 'Tickle-Me Micheleangelo'.What the heck wereyou guy's thinkin' ?! Ah well..

TMNT Holiday an Other Strangeness..

-->> Santa's dropped in a little early at places like Walgreens' Bargain Holiday Coluring Book bin.. for relativly cheap ,new TMNT colouring books are on their way. Why would tOkKie update about a Chritmas Krinkle coluring book at the end of September.. ?? Other than the fact we're in thr last qurter of the year.. the holiday is gonna be creeping up here faster than the time saw ya bein naughty by stealin' all that Snickers bars outta yir lil' sister's Trick-or-treats bag last Halloween..(i saw it.. for shame on you !!). Other than the fact there are 2 Holiday ornaments on the back of each book to clip,collect and hang on your upcoming Turtle Tree..tere i some strage imagery
within' the pages of the books. Images showing Savanti,Renet,Future Shredder,the Planet Racers and the Rat King crashin' in on the Turtle's party poopala. Kirby doodlon' up Christmas cards. A strange trinunal of 'Shredders' (??) hovering around a Christmas tree (??), Mozar,Traximus,Foot Mystics, and Shredder's elite,Karai are all mixed up on the bright,cheery and clourless pages (That's the part you gotta's a colouring book,silly !!)..even a grey alien. Maybe Bishop's behind the scenes somewhere with Baxter plotting up another evil Elf Capturing plot against Santa.. cuz he ain' here so far.

Either this book is a potential Season 4 spoiler device ..or it's just plain weird .. GEE WHIZZ!!


"Peter Laird, Michael Dooney, Jim Lawson, Eric Talbot, Steve Lavigne and Dan Berger will be attending the Wizard World Boston convention (booths 139-141). Click the logo on ..t for more info about the show!"

-- T-Drome is temporarily down due to some server issues.. stay tuned.. prolly be bacl before ya know it !!


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