Saturday, February 12, 2005


--SPAZE CAZE returns for the new year with a comic of a differant colour ..--click here for more !!

-- Mikey wanted me to pass this note from Dan Berger TMNT's official d0t com guru::

Many people have been writing in asking why Cartoon Network USA has been showing new episodes of the 4Kids TMNT cartoon before they've been aired on 4Kids TV. From what I've heard, it appears that Cartoon Network was unhappy having to run so many repeats, so as a goodwill gesture 4Kids Entertainment gave CN permission to premiere some episodes (in hopes that ratings would increase). As far as I know, CN will return to airing repeats after this week.

Also, in spite of being able to premiere new episodes, CN has indicated that the ratings that the TMNT show has been getting lately were not up to par with other Miguzi block shows, like "Totally Spies", "Static Shock" and "Teen Titans", if you can believe it. Haven't you folks been watching? In any case, next week Cartoon Network will be moving the show out of the Miguzi block and running it at 2:30 PM every weekday instead. So get your VCR's and TiVo's adjusted accordingly. We think that CN will continue to air the show at that time at least until March 31, 2005, but after that it all boils down to ratings. If you've been enjoying seeing the TMNT show on Cartoon Network, it might be a good time to let them know, and get everyone you know to watch it, especially those super-secret Neilsen viewers

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